Your body, awakened, dance

Tapping into your body’s natural rhythm through dance


She twirled and darted, skipped and leapt, legs and arms akimbo, a floppy, beautiful mess. Why? No reason. No-one judged her. No-one laughed. Quite the contrary, they smiled and cooed. After all, she was just doing what children do.

This freedom of movement is something most of us find a joy to watch in children. Yet somewhere along the road from innocence to adulthood, we lose that freedom or it is taken from us. Our bodies stiffen, our movements increasingly learned and constrained by expectations. And not just when we sit behind a desk at work or queue in the shops. Even in those moments of supposed recreation on the dance floor, we parrot the orchestrated moves of those around us, trying to fit in and keep in step.

If only there was a way we could truly let loose and allow our bodies to breathe. Except, of course, there is, there always has been. For as long as humans have been around, there has been dance. Ancient dance. Ecstatic dance. Ritualistic dance. Sometimes forgotten, lost or actively suppressed through the generations but always there, lingering and waiting to be released.

Today in the UK there is Ecstatic Awakening Dance.

Ecstatic Awakening Dance throws the rulebook out of the window. While yoga stills the body, Ecstatic Awakening Dance stirs it into movement. There are no expectations, no judgements to pass. The music flows and your body moves, however it wants to, however, it needs to.

This is not about ‘learning’ to dance. It is about tapping into your own natural rhythm, and it is there in all of us. A combination of free form dance and conscious movement can awaken your body, every nerve, every fibre, bringing it back to life.

Ecstatic Awakening Dance releases the stress that drains our reserves and allows feelings of ecstasy and joy to revitalise the body on a cellular level.

Freeing yourself to move to your natural rhythms sends reverberations throughout your body. It brings about a tangible change in the body’s physiology. A moment in time when you can be that child again. Free to move. And moving freely.


Learn more about Ecstatic Awakening Dance at the School of Ecstatic Movement here.