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Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ is all about creating a safe space for individuals to reconnect with themselves, release pent-up stress or emotions and still their minds. With such raw energy and emotion flowing it is completely understandable that some may feel hesitant, unsure or even anxious about trying Ecstatic Awakening Dance™.

At the School of Ecstatic Movement we are here to ensure that you feel safe and secure throughout your Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ experience. You will never be coerced to engage in anything you are not completely comfortable with.


All of our teachers follow a strong code of ethics and are trained to make sure all participants follow an established set of guidelines. This ensures that the sacred space we hold remains one of safety, community and warmth.

These are the 8 principles abided by during every Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ session:


  • There is no physical contact between participants.
  • All participants are encouraged to keep their eyes closed throughout.
  • Participants are free to leave a session at any point without explanation.
  • Participants who are struggling can raise their hand and one of our teachers will approach them to help.
  • Physical contact between our teachers and participants only occurs when a participant has clearly indicated that they need help. Although we may touch you with a cushion if you are about to bump into each other or a wall.
  • When a participant requests help, physical contact is limited to the teacher placing a hand gently on their back and/or placing hands on their feet to help ground them.
  • Teachers will only embrace a participant with their express permission.
  • Participants will never be judged, irrespective of their mental, emotional or physical reactions during a session.


If you are interested in Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ and have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


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