Shamanic Healing Shamanism Ecstatic Awakening Dance™


Rebecca offers a range of group work and private sessions online and from her home in Monmouthshire in Wales.


1-2-1 work can involve different aspects of Shamanic work, the core of which are outlined below.

Shamanic Healing Shamanism Ecstatic Awakening Dance™

Soul Retrieval


During this process, a journey will take place on your behalf to retrieve any soul parts that have been lost or stolen. Soul loss can happen for many different reasons usually through some type of physical or emotional trauma, such as accidents, surgery, or abuse of some kind, although it can also happen over time, if a person’s feelings and truths have been constantly denied by having to conform to the “family system” or “school System”, a part of a person’s soul will escape in order to survive and may not want or may not be able to find the way back. This often results in the person feeling empty and trying to fill the void with something else to varying degrees. After soul retrieval many feel wholeness and new levels of joy and energy.


Shamanic Extraction


This process extracts energy blockages in the body and can often help with physical pain, freeing the body system to allow healing and higher energy vibration to enter the cells and DNA it is always followed by Power Animal Retrieval.


Power Animal Retrieval


This experience is one of the blessings of Shamanic work by bringing back power animals, one gets in touch with the natural world and a personal adventure is undertaken to get to know your unique gifts and strengths through communication with your own animal guide.


When you undergo any 1-2-1 shamanic Re-alignment or online sessions with Rebecca you will be required to work in between each session, this is not a passive healing system, the work in between sessions is what integrates and enables you to claim back your personal power and release all energies that no longer serve you.


This path requires courage and commitment to uncovering the truth in all aspects of “Self”. This new awareness allows each person to thrive instead of just survive and opens the heart to flow of life and love.



Shamanic Realignment £250 


Three sessions either online or in person will include Soul Retrieval, Extraction, power animal retrieval and Energetic cord-cutting. This may be all you need to relieve the symptoms that you presenting with. In between sessions you will be required to do some processes that will help these new vibrations integrate.



Shamanic Counselling £100


If you feel that you would like to go deeper and this connection to the Shamanic realms is calling you, Rebecca can facilitate this journey through a specific method sometimes called “core shamanic counselling” you will be taught to journey into different realities to meet your own tutelary spirits to seek answers to questions you have. This work is undertaken in 6-10 sessions and usually facilitated after the above Shamanic work.


Each session is £100 and lasts between 1.5-2 hours. 5 session block is at a lowered price of £350. 


The Shaman’s Breath £100

By harnessing the power of conscious connected breathing, while utilising the sacred ceremonial space of the Shaman, we create a deep space for profound transformation to happen. Simply put we use the breath to release old worn out patterns and behaviours while anchoring in new ones.

Although this practice can be held online, it is much more beneficial to undertake the practice with a partner who is physically there with you or in a 1-2-1 session with Rebecca.


Each session will be approx. 1.5 -2 hours long. 

This session cost is £100 each session or £250 for three sessions.



Rebecca offers a free 30 minute consultation to ensure your compatibility, also for you to experience Shamanic session work.


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