The transformative power of breathing

How breathing better can heal your body and mind


Every minute you take almost 20 breaths, in and out, without a thought. Breathing is so innate, such an essential part of our existence that it is hardwired into our biology and starts the moment we are born. So surely by the time we reach adulthood, we’ve mastered the art of breathing and tapped into its power. Unfortunately, more often than not, no.


Laboured breathing


The fact is for many of us, our breaths are burdened by the stresses of life. Shallow, fast breaths hardly ever reach down into the depths of our lungs. Every moment of anxiety or worry sees us hold our breath and perpetuates a cycle of poor breathing. This prevents us from relaxing, freeing our minds of unnecessary chatter and also affects our physical wellbeing, making digestion harder and giving us bad posture and backaches.

Shallow breathing puts all the strain of supporting our physical and mental wellbeing on our upper chest, depriving us of the rich supplies of life-giving oxygen that sits in the lowest parts of our lungs.

But it isn’t all bad news. Far from it. We each have the ability to harness the full potential of our breathing and feel its revitalising effects. It doesn’t take years of practice or extensive knowledge of how your body works. It just takes a moment.


Time to breath


At the School of Ecstatic Movement, breath is an integral part of the way we facilitate others to achieve a state of bliss and empowerment. It is weaved into every aspect of Ecstatic Awakening Dance™, an energy experience that rejuvenates the body, stills the mind and allows you to simply let go. When you engage in Ecstatic Awakening Dance™, you can step away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the world and give yourself time to breathe.

We encourage participants to become aware of their breathing. When your mind turns its attention to your breaths, it becomes impossible to think about anything else. And so, the present moment is unlocked. This is the first step towards transformation, enabling you to transition from the outside world, filled with its stresses and distractions, to the inside world, where you can release pent-up emotions and be unburdened.


Transformation takes hold


The transformation that comes about through Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ starts with awareness of your breaths and breathing into different parts of your body, so igniting your life force. As you align with your natural rhythms, using a repetitive breathing technique called the Breath of Fire allows you to switch off your thinking mind. It is at this point that a state of bliss and ecstasy is often experienced. The simplicity of the Breath of Fire – 2 breaths in through the nose and one out through the mouth – belies its powerful effects.

Long-repressed memories can surface, deeply ingrained tension can be released and unexpected emotions set free. While these moments of intensity are fleeting, the transformation experienced can result in lasting change. A change you carry with you into your everyday life.


To experience the transformative power of breathing, try Ecstatic Awakening DanceTM with the School of Ecstatic Movement.