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Feel the love with Ecstatic Awakening Dance™

It’s everywhere you look. In glances between young and old couples. In the caress of a mother to her child. In the embrace of friends reuniting. Even in the kindness of a stranger. Love is what binds us together as a community, whichever community you belong to.

Love is so intertwined with human nature that people of every culture strive to fill their lives with it and with every kind of it. The language of love reveals how it pervades every aspect of our lives. From Sanskrit’s sneha, the love of a mother and Greek’s agape, a selfless love extended to all, to Arabic’s ishq, the first spark of romantic love.

Love is universally understood.

Yet so often the search for love is outward, from the pursuit of romantic love to the love and acceptance of friends and family. It is easy to get caught up in the chase and forget that when it comes to love, it all begins with you.


Be free to love yourself


Loving yourself is the first step towards inviting the love of others into your life. But with the demands of work, family and friends, self-love can sometimes feel like an indulgence, one you have little time for. But without it to sustain you, all of these daily demands and pressures can take a toll on your spirit.

Learning to love yourself isn’t an indulgence. It’s essential. Self-love nurtures your soul and gives you the strength to give love to all those around you.

When you give yourself permission to love yourself, a weight is lifted, your heart opens, and the possibilities become endless.


Dance to love


At the School of Ecstatic Movement, we use the power of Ecstatic Awakening Dance ™ to help individuals from all walks of life feel that love again. Through rhythmic breathing, freeform movement and reconnection with the universal energy, pent-up emotions are released and love has the chance to grow.


Learn to love yourself, embrace Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ at the School of Ecstatic Movement.