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Breath of Fire; Let Go of stress and tension

Breath of Fire; An ancient yogic tool to free your mind

Breathe, your first breath.

Think of the moment new life comes into being, the instant a baby leaves the safety of its mother’s womb to enter this world, taking its first breath. Picture it in your mind. Now listen. What sound do hear? A cry, a gasp? Breath, the first breath.

Breath is life. From your very first gasp to the present moment, the rhythm of your breath tells its own story of the ups and downs of your journey. Learning to control your breath brings with it the ability to still your mind and empower your body.

This has been known and practised for thousands of years.


This is pranayama


Pranayama is an ancient yogic practice, which literally translates to control of the life force or breath.

The Breath of Fire is a form of pranayama that we use to ignite the process of letting go during the free form dance known as ecstatic awakening dance.


So how does it work?


The Breath of Fire is a continuous, rapid and repetitive form of breathing. You inhale and exhale through the nose, pulling your abdominal muscles and solar plexus in as you exhale and pushing them out as you inhale. Balancing the strength and length of each inhale and exhale, you gradually pick up the pace. Before you know it, you will find your mind is wholly focused on your breath, stilling the incessant chatter that normally occupies it.


And how does it feel?



As you dance and breathe, a sense of calm rises up from within you and a deeper level of connection to the Divine becomes possible. Oxygenating your body through the Breath of Fire, with your blood pumping through ecstatic awakening dance, you’ll begin to experience a cascade of positive effects;

Detoxification of the body.

Quietening of the mind.

Release stuck energy and suppressed emotions.

Feel of ecstasy, bliss and joy.

When you first try the Breath of Fire, you may find it to be a heady experience, lean into it and trust your body, your breath.

If you are new to ecstatic awakening dance you can try circular breathing and work your way up to the Breath of Fire. Whichever path you choose, we’re here to guide you through.


Let go with ecstatic awakening dance at our next retreat.