Shamanism healing past present and future

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is our most ancient art-form, philosophy, healing system and science. It has been practised for a least 60 000 years, although could stretch back to 400,000. It is still practised by indigenous tribes around the world today.

Shamanism cleaves its wisdom from the natural world that we see and feel all around us all the time.

The unseen realms that reveal themselves, in dreams, in vision and when we step into alternate states of consciousness. It is, without doubt, the most time-tested system for healing our environment and ourselves.

Using the beat and rhythm of the Shaman’s drum and always working closely with our personal tutelary spirits; we can access these alternate realities to bring back healing, power and information.

Everything through the shaman’s eye is connected and although part of the whole is alive with its own spirit.

It is through this spirit that the shaman and the initiate can communicate with beings from all the realms, elemental, vegetal, mineral, animal, human or mythological.

Through our intention and attention, we can access this world of spirit, receiving answers to the questions we have and request for healing.

When we come together in community we create a sacred space for this energy and intention to be potent,
Shamanic work is a powerful practice that is accessible to all. It is direct access to Spirit.


By dropping into Shamanic States you can access alternate states of consciousness & transmute any blocked energy into a source of empowerment. An opportunity to dive inside yourself, without external distractions we are able to tune into our soul essence.

Whether presenting with physical, emotional, mental or spiritual questions or limitations, Shamanism can help to dissolve the layers and help you to see clearly again.


The beauty of Shamanism is that it doesn’t believe in prolonging dependency on outside intervention. It encourages us to take charge of their own healing and insights

We may work within our group in any number of Shamanic Ways, using ceremony, prayer & intention journeying on both the inner and outer landscapes.


Rebecca HanscombeRebecca qualified as a Shamanic Practitioner in 2006 with The Sacred Trust where she is now an active faculty member facilitating the Shamanic Dance as she continues to meet and greet potential new students of this path by assisting on the Shaman’s Pathway with Simon Buxton and Darkness Visible.

“Everything is energy and energy is always in motion. Shamanism is a practice that is close to my heart. Through this medium, I have connected with a rich source of comfort and sense of belonging.

Journeying within the shamanic realms enables a deep resting, instilling a sense of reverence for the natural world and all its inhabitants, as well as developing a relationship with multi-dimensional aspects of myself”.