The Shamans Dance: 1-year training 


Since the dawn of human consciousness, Shamans the world over have engaged in the silent poetry of dance, an indefinitely ancient interpretation and expression of life and communion with spirit and spirits. It is here within the shaman’s dance that holy communion between body, soul, spirit and spirits most naturally occurs, expressing what at times is at a depth too hidden for words or language.


This new one-year training is not for people who want to dance, but rather for people who have to dance, driven by their desire for movement with and under the auspices of the tutelary dancers-between-the-worlds. As we explore this ancient landscape together, an ever-deepening dive inwards upon the pulsating pilgrimage path will move us through blood & bone into the rich realms of the elemental, environmental, personal & collective mythologies of the indigenous dancing soul.


The training itself is made up of three components, each one aimed at taking the group to the edge of mystery and then beyond, surrendering evermore to the body poetic using a nearly lost alchemical formula in which the entirety of the universe is concentrated within each individual. Alongside this will be a continuous paradoxical dropping into and rising out of the body, leading to a curious and magical suspension between the worlds; a dance of constellations which is accompanied by the symphony of the cosmos. A further ally in the work is Old Mother Darkness, of whom we shall request to be taken back to the very beginning – the first dance of the first dawn and then in due time to embrace daylight once again with its minuscule dancing particles of pure vitality. The destination is a numinous one; where stillness is the dance and the darkness the light.


Where words leave off the shaman’s dance commences, this being the great hidden language of the soul that has the power to erode the myth of separation. This one-year training takes the dancing shaman – with feet, body, soul, sounds, ideas, – moving with grace across the ancestral landscapes made up of infinite patterns of motion, ever-moving around a central stillness.



  • Fri 30 Apr – Tue 4 May 2021 
  • First Component
  • Dates TBC
  • Second Component
  • Dates TBC
  • Third Component



Please email Rebecca: rebecca@schoolofecstaticmovement.com




The Sacred Trust Teaching Centre



£2250 inc VAT (fully residential; fee includes accommodation, food and tuition)

Maximum number of participants: 22


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Shamans Dance
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Free Global Online Ecstatic Awakening Dance

Shamans Dance
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