4 Elements Ecstatic Awakening Dance



4 online Ecstatic Awakening Dance workshop sessions, Moving through the elements …
Earth | Water | Fire | Air | Love

Drop into the free-flowing ceremony of Ecstatic Awakening Dance™  At 7pm GMT (London Time)

20th Sep 2021

4th Oct 2021

18th Oct 2021

1st Nov 2021

Surrender into your body, let the rhythm, soothe, stir, shake, and animate. Express the living elements that reside inside, Breathe, move, ignite your freedom, feed your spirit, nurture your heart, & fill yourself with ecstatic love.

Join me on this transformational Ecstatic Awakening Dance journey from the comfort of your own home.

Moving through the elements

This dance, this love affair, closing my eyes and going inside, letting my body, this body is stirred, moved, shaken, animated by the consciousness in and around me. Feeds my soul, feeds my spirit, it nurtures my heart and fills me with love.

I am not alone, I belong, and I am free.

I dance, the dance is me.

Movement medicine has been here since the beginning of time. Rhythm pervades everything we do. The way we dance through life to our own rhythm is the gift of being human.

Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ is a 5 stage practice that deepens your connection with your body, to follow your heart, to allow the dance, to soften and stretch you, pulling you into the sacredness of life into these never-ending inner landscapes that have the capacity to take you, inspire you, teach you and reach you over and over again.

Join me on this transformational journey from the comfort of your own home, as we discover the living elements inside of us, Earth, Water, Fire & Air.

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