Free Global Online Ecstatic Awakening Dance

This will be a potent point of activation, moving your amazing body to re-member yourself in love and light.

Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ and Shamanic Workshop, come and join in online!

7pm- 9pm BST (London)


*18th September 2023 Guest; Somewhere To Dance with Stacey

*16th October 2023 Guest; Holistic Wellness School’s Lorraine Gibson

*20th November 2023 Guest; Marcelina Adriana

*18th December 2023 With Rebecca Hanscombe

*15th Janurary 2024 Guest: Jennifer Hack

*19th February 2024 Guest Marcelina Adriana

*18th March 2024 Guest Stacey Holmes

*15th April 2024

*20th May 2024

*17th June 2024

Wherever you are in the world, you can join us in this dance.

Coming together in body, heart and soul to plant dancing seeds for the future world.

Guided Potent Shamanic Ceremony

Ecstatic Awakening Dance™

Co-creating love across the Globe

Tune in, turn on, kick into the rhythm and embrace a natural state of Ecstasy.

There has never been a more powerful time than now.

Claim your place.

No experience necessary.

These sessions are free, if you feel to make a donation we kindly suggest £15 or what you can currently afford, we would not turn someone away from the beauty and the power of the transformation of Ecstatic Awakening Dance that can be experienced during and after the dance session(s).

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